Building Your PC with Ideal Tech PC, a Quickstart Guide

All you need to kickstart your PC build here at Ideal Tech PC. Get optimized components, and save money on extras. Or you might have a thought “why high-end parts when RGB can give better performance?”

*Pictures shown above is for illustration purpose only

Before building or buying a PC, you need to make sure that you have a solid understanding of your needs in relation to what you can actually afford.

Choosing your budgets -> Understanding Your Needs -> Choosing Your Parts

Components You’re Going to Need.

  • CPU/Processors    
  • Motherboard      
  • GPU/Graphics card      
  • Memory/RAM      
  • Storage (SSD and/or HDD)     
  • PSU     
  • Case
  • CPU Cooler (Optional)

Common Misconceptions.

  • Processor is arguably, the most discussed issue. If you are talking about high end processors, a person with the least knowledge in PC would go straight and say “PC i7 la POWER!” -Which is, well, not totally wrong. But still, wrong.   
  • Common misconception of Graphics Card: “Higher Graphic Memory = More Powerful” - This is not the case with :- GTX1050Ti 4GB vs GTX 1060 3GB & GTX1070 8GB vs GTX1660Ti 6GB & RTX2060 6GB

Q: “So, should I spend more on the Processor or Graphics Card?”

A: Better processor does not always mean superior gaming performance. If possible, balance your hardware

to prevent a performance bottleneck.

Below, we have two different setups for comparison.

  • The i5 rig is paired with RTX 2070 graphics card     
  • The i7 is paired with the slightly inferior RTX 2060 graphics card.
  • Everything else are kept the same. See the specs below.

Q: “But wait, why does the graphics card take up so much $$$ in a gaming rig?”

  • Most gaming rigs have a graphics card that takes 30-40% of the total rig cost. In some case, it costs more than 50% of the total build cost.
  • This is due to most of applications that utilize graphics cards are video games.
  • Gaming rigs are often paired with high-end graphics card or with a balanced hardware setup to prevent performance bottleneck.
  • Powerful graphics card = Higher FPS @ Higher Settings (Maxed Out)

*Results shown below proved how processors do not have a significant impact on gaming performance compared to graphics card.

In short,

How Do You Choose Each of the Parts?

  • You need to make sure that all the parts are compatible with one another.
  • You may use our PC Builder here to start building your PC and submit to us.
  • You may also contact us on the official Facebook page for our professional consultancy services.
  • Or you can try to do it on your own. *The worst thing you might do is overspending on some parts and suffering from bottlenecked hardware or could not even power up your PC. (LOL)

Good luck and hope you enjoy building your PC with us!

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