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257R AIRFLOW + H100i RGB PRO XT + A500



Combining this 3 latest Product from Corsair . to make an Ultimate Pc build, and today we will review 3 of this item.Corsair 275R AIRFLOW, H100i RGB PRO XT Liquid Cooling and Corsair A500 Air Cooler.


Jump straight into what's


As we know CORSAIR can be define as one the best Brand in this Computer Tech World. and is definitely one of our favorite Component, not only the best for professionals, but certainly amazing for the casual user. Now we will do a short review for this three item. So check it out!!


Specification and the look of it.

(cover only the best part of it. hehe)


MID Tower ATX Casing

► This casing is made for an enthusiast that are look forward for a best and maximum airflow casing, that why this CORSAIR 275r was named with a AIRFLOW! not only that the cable management spaceat the back are also quite big, so no need to worried about a chocking space for cable management.


Ergonomic Slatted Front Panel Design

Futuristic design of front panel maximize the airflow of the cooling system. they call this Slatted Front Panel Design . From what are we test , the airflow was so great, our i7 9700K that had being overclocked to 4.9Ghz only hit 79c when doing the stress-test and of course we are using the new cooler from CORSAIR. this one will be cover below.


Overview about this Casing.

 Corsair iCUE H100i RGB Pro XT

Wait What! a new AIO from CORSAIR!!!

Yes indeed, there is a new line-up for this Corsair AIO and known as CORSAIR iCUE RGB PRO XT. Come with a 3 standard variant and all come with a Corsair ML Fans with a difference size, this Corsair iCUE H100i RGB Pro XT comes with a 240 mm radiator and is supplied with two Corsair ML120 120 mm PWM cooling fans. Moving up the range, the slightly larger iCUE H115i RGB Pro XT has a 280 mm radiator has two Corsair ML140 PWM fans to keep it cool. The biggest model of the trio is the iCUE H150i RGB Pro XT cooler with its large 360 mm radiator, and three ML120 PWM 120 mm cooling fans. The Corsair PWM ML120 mm fans have a dynamic range of between 400 and 2400 rpm, while the ML140 fans spin between 400 and 2000 rpm.

But What New?

Lucky Corsair has lend us with the H100i RGB PRO XT to test out.From what we can see. Corsair using Black color to the pump housing and with a Digital RGB lighting around the pump housing. not only that , they also including the RGB PRO XT with a TR4 bracket .So now the Threadripper user can use this Cooler to cool their Threadripper Processor. But we recommend the TR4 user to look at the H115i or H150i if you are going down this route.

So from what we can see from here. the new AIO was great and this is the pros and cons about it .


  • Best Performance.
  • Design of the cooler is stunning .
  • TR4 compatibility
  • iCUE Software Control .(Lighting and Pump/Fan Control)


  • The Fan dont have RGB
  • A bit difficult to install for beginner

Technical Spec of CORSAIR RGB PRO XT line-up



PROCESSOR : i7 9700K OC to 5.0Ghz




We do the stress test for about 4 hour and this is the MAX Temperature Its Only HIT 70c!!! Crazy right . ( Caution overclocked had being done by Professional. )



The Comeback of CORSAIR AIR COOLER!!!

It's been quite a while since CORSAIR created an air cooler, very nearly 10 years actually. From that point forward, they've had a sharp spotlight on the across the board watercooling market, yet as of late they've extended that to incorporate custom watercooling circles, and returned to the air cooling market with the dispatch of the A500. Covering the three bases gives your clients the decision they need.

Their last exertion, the CORSAIR A50, didn't measure up to the plenty of incredible (and forcefully valued) air coolers of the time. CORSAIR intend to change that with the A500, including a couple of ML120 fans and four direct-contact heat pipes for elite air cooling.

CORSAIR claims this A500 is designed from ground up to the best possible DRAM compatibility while it retain the size of the cooler( IT WAS HUGE AF!!!) Not only that , there also the new thing Call 'Holdfast Retention System' that promises easy installation on almost all intel and Amd CPU socket . It also come with 5 Years warranty and not only that there a'lot of trust placed within the craftsmanship which is pass on as a peace of mind for end user. For pricing this A500 is RM399 , that put it direct in the firing line with the other air cooler, such as Noctua NH-D15. Without saying . the expectation of this cooler is SKY HIGH!!(unfortunately cant test this cooler because lack of time, but we will do test when we get a chance . this review will be update when we get all the data.)

So What do you think? can this CORSAIR compete with the other competitor or CORSAIR is Bitting other more then they can chew!?

What Inside this HUGE BOX! and the TECH SPEC.

So guys , what do you think about this New Corsair Line-up ? let us know . or if you wanna purchase on of this item . i will provide a link below . Ciowww

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