Perfection Comes With a Price: ASUS MAXIMUS XI EXTREME 

The Z390 chipset has proven to be a perfect match for the 9th Generation of Intel CPUs with its extremely consistent performance from both the Strix-E and Strix ITX motherboards. For those who are more into the ROG's original lineup, ASUS ROG MAXIMUS has always been the flagship of the mainstream Intel chipset range ever since the LGA 775 era. And we happened to have several of them here at Ideal Tech PC.

Building Your PC with Ideal Tech PC, No Display On Your Monitor? 

You might have plugged in your monitor to the wrong port. A lot of users have encountered this issue and asking us on how to fix this issue. This problem apparently come out of the blue as soon as they brought their PC back home or when they have received their PC through postage. Here are some workaround on this annoying error:

Gear Up And Get Your GeForce Game Bundle With Us Today! 

Gear Up For One Of The Hottest Battle Royale, or Hunt Down Nazis In The Upcoming Ray-Traced Co-op Shooter. For a limited time, you will receive GeForce Fortnite Bundle when you purchase a qualifying GeForce GTX graphics card or gaming desktop & the upcoming Wolfenstein: Young Blood with any purchase of GeForce RTX graphics card or gaming desktop with us.

AMD Computex 2019 Keynote: x570 & Ryzen 3000 Announcement! 

We are here with AMD's Computex 2019 Opening . Anyone who gets up early will be able to watch the presentation in the live stream down here! We are expecting Ryzen 3000 processors, the X570 Chipset and the new graphics card architecture "Navi". It is expected that Lisa Su will cover Ryzen 3000 processors with Zen 2 cores and the X570 chipset.

Intel i9 9900KS Processor: 5GHz on all eight cores 

It looks like we might be getting new toys?So yesterday, we arrived here in Taipei, Taiwan for the largest computer expo of the year, COMPUTEX 2019. Prior to the start of Computex, Intel has announced a new processor. The Core i9 9900KS processor. It will have 5 GHz boost activated on all eight cores. However, Intel did not share any details on what the TDP is going to be for this processor.

Delidding Your Processor, Is It Necessary? 

Delidding. This term has become very popular since the 3rd Generation Intel Core Series which is the Ivy Bridge architecture. It is the act of removing the Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS) or the “lid” on the processor. Hence, “delidding” the processor. PC enthusiasts made the option of delidding the processor popular due to temperature spiking since the 3rd Gen Intel processors.

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