Thermaltake Unveils Level 20 RGB Battlestation Gaming Desk 

Gaming peripherals just got to a next level. To be a real enthusiast gamer (and a “PCMASTERRACER”), people said that you need a ginormous wallet. Apparently at Thermaltake, RGB LED lighting appears pretty much in every single one of their products lineup and as such Thermaltake releases an RGB-lit gaming desk, all yours for the "small sum" of $1,199 (RM4800-5000)

Vertical Synchronization (V-Sync), Part 2: G-Sync Compatible, G-Sync, G-Sync Ultimate 

It has been a topic of long discussion and debacles among PC community. On January 15th, NVIDIA has released a driver which enables VESA Adaptive Sync support on GeForce GTX 10 and RTX 20 series (and newer) cards. However, it will only work on selected monitors.

Vertical Synchronization (V-Sync), Part 1: G-Sync? Adaptive Sync? FreeSync? 

What is V-Sync? Should you turn it on or off? If you play video games, you may encounter this option in video settings. It’s usually called “vertical sync” or “VSync” for short, and what it does, cannot be seen instantly. So why is this option here, and what does it do? What forms does it take?

Building Your PC with Ideal Tech PC, a Quickstart Guide 

All you need to kickstart your PC build here at Ideal Tech PC. Get optimized components, and save money on extras. Or you might have a thought “why high-end parts when RGB can give better performance?” Before building or buying a PC, you need to make sure that you have a solid understanding of your needs in relation to what you can actually afford.

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