In the event of computer failure, you may rely upon IDEALTECH’s Pick-up & Return Service. This service encompasses collection, repair or replacement (RMA), and subsequent return of your computer or hardware device, aiming to conserve your valuable time and resources.

  • The initiation of this service necessitates the completion and submission of the relevant form, subsequent to which you will be contacted via WhatsApp.
  • Customers are responsible for ensuring that the computer or hardware device is appropriately packed in its original box, padded with bubble wrap, and placed within an additional protective box. For larger PCs, utilize the original styrofoam-lined box. In cases where the GPU is substantial and weighty, it should be disassembled and packed separately in its original packaging.
  • Once the device is securely packed, IDEALTECH will arrange for the parcel’s collection through GD Express.

Terms and Conditions
  • Please be aware that we do not bear liability for any physical damages resulting from shipping, and customers will be held accountable for any damage that occurs due to insufficient or improper packaging.
  • Additional charges may be levied for shipping and service if the hardware is found to be non-faulty, or the warranty is determined to be void. This applies also in situations where the fault is attributed to hardware not procured from Ideal Technology Trading, Ideal Tech PC Sdn Bhd, or Ideal Tech Services Sdn Bhd. The final adjudication of such matters is solely at the discretion of Ideal Tech PC Sdn Bhd and Ideal Tech Services Sdn Bhd representatives.
  • Free pickup and return services are extended exclusively for products acquired from Ideal Technology Trading, Ideal Tech PC Sdn Bhd, and Ideal Tech Services Sdn Bhd that remain within the warranty period.
  • While IDEALTECH endeavors to exercise the utmost care during the servicing of your hardware or computer, we cannot accept liability for data loss that may transpire during the process. Customers are strongly advised to perform a comprehensive data backup prior to submitting their devices for servicing.
  • Submission of the RMA FORM constitutes acceptance of the aforementioned Terms and Conditions. For a complete understanding of our warranty and related services, please refer to our full Terms and Conditions.